Effect of Three Species of Stylosanthes on The Performance of West African Dwarf Sheep

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S. M. Ogunbode
J. A. Akinlade


An experiment was conducted to determine the effect of feeding three species of Stylosanthes as supplements to a basal diet consisting of Cyonodon dactylon on the performance of West African dwarf sheep. The three treatments imposed were: Treatment 1, a basal diet consisting of poor quality grass (Cyondon dactylon) and Stylosanthes scabra in the ratio of 70:30. Treatment 2, the basal diet added with Stylosanthes guianensis (70:30); and Treatment 3,the basal diet with Stylosanthes hamata (70:30). The study lasted for 24 days, a 10 day adjustment period and a 14- day data collection, using 3 rams of comparable age and weight. Data were analyzed as a 3 x 3 Latin square. Animals supplemented with S. guianensis had the highest DM intake while S. scabra was least consumed by sheep (p<0.05). Digestibility of crude protein and DM however showed that animals on S. guianensis performed better. It could be concluded that sheep can be supplemented with Stylosanthes guianensis in the savannah zone of Nigeria.

Keywords: Stylosanthes guianensis; Stylosanthes scabra; Stylosanthes hamate; West African Dwarf sheep; crude protein digestibility


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Ogunbode, S. M., & Akinlade, J. A. (2012). Effect of Three Species of Stylosanthes on The Performance of West African Dwarf Sheep. Fountain Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, 1(1). https://doi.org/10.53704/fujnas.v1i1.30


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