Reviewer's Guideline

Thank you for agreeing to review a manuscript for FUJNAS, the official publication of the College of Natural and Applied Sciences, Fountain University, Osogbo, Nigeria. Your review will help us maintain our journal's high quality and relevance. Please read the following instructions carefully before you start your review.

  • Confidentiality: The manuscript you are reviewing should not be shared or discussed with anyone outside the review process. You should also not use any information or data from the manuscript for your benefit or advantage. If you have any conflicts of interest with the manuscript or the authors, please inform the editorial office immediately and decline the review invitation.
  • Timeliness: Please complete your review within four weeks from the invitation date. If you need more time or cannot complete the review, please get in touch with the editorial office as soon as possible and suggest alternative reviewers if possible.
  • Scope and quality: Please evaluate the manuscript according to its scope, originality, significance, quality, and clarity. The manuscript should fit the aims and scope of FUJNAS and contribute substantially to the fields of Natural and Applied Sciences. The manuscript should also be well-written, well-structured, well-referenced, and free of errors and plagiarism.
  • Review report: Please provide a detailed and constructive review report to help the authors improve their manuscript and the editor decide. Your report should include the following sections:
    • Summary: Provide a summary of the manuscript's main aim, findings, and strengths.
    • General comments: Provide your overall assessment of the manuscript, highlighting its merits and weaknesses and suggesting major revisions or improvements if needed.
    • Specific comments: Provide specific comments on each section of the manuscript, pointing out any errors, inconsistencies, ambiguities, or suggestions for improvement. You can refer to line numbers, tables, figures, or equations to illustrate your points.
    • Recommendation: Provide your recommendation for the next processing stage of the manuscript as follows:
      • Accept in Present Form: The manuscript can be accepted without further changes.
      • Accept after Minor Revisions: Based on your comments, the manuscript can be accepted after minor revisions. The authors should provide a point-by-point response to your comments and indicate the changes made in the revised manuscript.
      • Reconsider after Major Revisions: The manuscript requires significant revisions before it can be accepted. The authors should provide a point-by-point response to your comments and indicate the changes made in the revised manuscript. The revised manuscript will be returned to you for another round of review.
      • Reject: The manuscript is unsuitable for publication in FUJNAS due to severe flaws or lack of originality or significance.

Please justify your recommendation with clear and objective arguments.

  • Ethical issues: Please report any ethical issues or concerns that you may have about the manuscript, such as plagiarism, fabrication, falsification, duplication, unethical research practices, or conflicts of interest.

Benefit to reviewers

Fountain Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences reviewers who have reviewed for the journal shall have the benefit of fifty per cent (50 %) waiver when publishing with the journal in our subsequent two editions, and this does not preclude a letter of appreciation to the reviewers after the completion of their review. and other benefits as may be deemed fit by the journal

We appreciate your time and effort in reviewing manuscripts for FUJNAS. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at Thank you for your valuable contribution to our journal.