About us


Fountain Journals is the official publisher of highly revered scholarly journals from the Colleges and Departments at Fountain University. Fountain Journals was established in 2011 to promote the publication of research findings from within and outside the University and also to promote the Open Journal Access Policy. Fountain Journals Started publication in 2012 with two Journals: Fountain Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, promoted by the Colleges of Natural and Applied Sciences, and Journal of Management and Social Sciences (Formerly known as Fountain University Journal of Management and Social Sciences) promoted by the College of Management and Social Sciences.


With a focus on the global, the urban, and contemporary concerns in the pure and applied sciences, management science, art, and social sciences, Fountain Journals aims to advance understanding about our world via important writing and research. Our journals have been bringing fresh perspectives and fundamental knowledge to students, academics from many fields, decision-makers, and general readers for more than 10 years. We represent the educational and research mission of our parent school as well as its global reputation through our publishing program.