• Usman Kola Belgore Barrister and Solicitor of Supreme Court of Nigeria, Partner, Belgore, Murtadha, Mohammed & Co
  • Mohd Jamiu Ayinla-Edun Department of Islamic Law, College of Law, Fountain University, Osogbo, Nigeria



The religion of Islam is known to be a peace loving entity, it prides of being a perfect template for any given civilization that aspires a peaceful society. However, one of its core doctrines had been a source of concern, the concept of Jihad, which -amongst others- presupposes a warfare expedition had attracted torchlight of criticism for being the source of inspiration for terrorist organizations in modern time. The criticism waxes stronger on the strength that most of these terrorist organizations often disguise by adorning in Muslim dress and claim to be fighting in the name of Islam. It is however, contradictory, that Islam, as a religion that prides as the source of peace and tranquility, will at the overturn serve as a source for terrorism. This paper adopts the doctrinal research methodology to examine the concept of Jihad in juxtaposition with terrorism with the objective of determining the veracity of the claim that Islam is a religion of peace or whether  the claim by some dastard terrorist groups of deriving their inspiration and strength from the concept of Jihad in Islam is, indeed, true?. The research found that the allegation that the concept of Jihad serves as the bedrock for terrorism is faulty in fact and evidence.

Keywords: Jihad, Terrorism, Peace, Islamic Law, Religion


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