The Ombudsman, Bureaucratic Dictatorship and Democratic Rule in Nigeria

  • Samuel Oyedele University of Ilorin


This paper examines the need for any civilian government to guarantee and safeguard individual rights and liberties of its citizenry against arbitrary abuse of bureaucratic power of public servants in the course of carrying out their official duties. The paper therefore assesses the role of the Ombudsman in the control of administrative excesses of public servants through the redress of complaints lodged by aggrieved citizens against administrative injustice on the part of public servants. The paper concludes that the various government agencies and control mechanisms of the Ombudsman in Nigeria have failed to perform this role effectively over the years as a result of the absence of an enabling and effective legal framework. The paper recommends that the Ombudsman should be given the needed “legal teeth” to be able to play its important role as required under civil rule. This paper adopts the qualitative method of analysis using mainly secondary source of data.