Antibiotic Susceptibility Patterns of Pseudomonas Species Isolated From Clinical and Environmental Samples in Awba Dam, Ibadan

  • Tosin Yetunde Senbadejo FOUNTAIN UNIVERSITY, OSOGBO


Pseudomonas species are common pathogenic Gram negative bacteria frequently found in both environmental and clinical samples. They are opportunistic pathogen and could be multidrug resistant (MDR); their presence in the environment signifies threat to the public health. Water from Awba dam is used as municipal water supply for drinking, fishing and agricultural purposes in the University of Ibadan which gives reason for proper monitoring. The study was designed to isolate and characterize Pseudomonas species present in Awba dam reservoir and also to compare its antimicrobial resistance pattern with clinical isolates. Pseudomonas was isolated using Centrimide agar (Oxoid) and identification was done to species level using classical method. Disk diffusion method was applied to test antibiotic sensitivity according to clinical and laboratory standard guidelines. A total of 200 bacteria isolates were obtained from water and sediment, of which 30 were found positive for Pseudomonas giving a prevalence of 15.0% (30/200). Eighteen clinical samples were collected from University College Hospital with about 50% from urine, 27.8% (Ear), 11.1% (wound) and 5.6% each from pleural effusion and nasopharyngeal tube. Two species of Pseudomonas; aeruginosa and fluorescens were identified. Out of the 10 antibiotics used, environmental isolates showed no resistance to gentamicin, amikacin, ciprofloxacin, tetracycline and imipinem while clinical isolates showed 83.3, 16.7, 83.3, 100 and 11.1% resistance to the antibiotics respectively. Amikacin and Imipinem was the most effective drug for both environmental and clinical Pseudomonas isolates. High rates of MDR Pseudomonas (94.4%) from clinical strains and 13.3% of the environmental strains were observed. In conclusion, the result shows that Pseudomonas isolates from the clinical specimens are more exposed to antibiotics, and MDR isolates in the water system can be transferred to humans and animals.

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